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January 2, 2012
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Name: Xenethis Chimera

Alias: The Red Servant, Crimson Spider, No Face Xenethis, The Guillotine of Hueco Mundo

True Age: 118

Visual Age: 20

Gender: Male

Status: Active

Squad: Tia Harribel's Fraccion

Rank: Arrancar 11

Other Groups: None


Ambition: To protect and serve Tia Harribel

Hobbies: Training, music, cooking, occasional drinking

Dislikes: All those who disrespect his allies

Xenethis is very reserved in personality, though not the extent of Ulquiorra. He tends to keep quiet as a result of fear of his own rage, and the destructive consequences that followed. Examples of this come from his time as a Demented Gillian, which to him seemed like a short blur of hunger and anger, despite it lasting decades. More recently, it comes from the vivid flashbacks of his own death, which cause him to break out into a bloodrage and try to kill anything in his line of vision. As a result, he tends to keep to himself, though he is far from emotionless. For an Arrancar, he is shown to have something of a complex nature. He has no trouble killing, and when angered will go to great lengths to ensure his enemies are slaughtered. On the other hand, he is shown to be capable of affection, shown from his time spent with Tia Harribel, which goes beyond the primal instincts of Hollows. He also doesn't shy away from forming friendships, or rivalry's for that matter, as evident with the many members of the Espada. He also has something of a dry sense of humour, especially when around his fellow Fraccion. He is a gentleman at heart, and sees women as meaningful pursuits rather than disposable pleasures. Cautious by nature, he is somewhat suspicious and fearful of Sosuke Aizen and his company. In regards to the Shinigami and Aizen's plans, he remains neutral. He holds no prejudice against the Soul Society, but doesn't much care for them either. His loyalty to Harribel and his comrades is the driving force behind all of his actions, and simply wishes to spend eternity by her side.  

Physical Information

Hair Color: Dark Red

Eye Color: Yellow/Gold

Skin Color: White

Hand: Right-Handed

Height: 5'11

Weight: 11st


Xenethis could be easily mistaken for a Vizard, as the remnants of his Hollow Mask remain intact despite going through the Shinigamification process. The mask covers his face. His eyes are a bright yellow, though unlike Vizard Masks he lacks the black pupils. The jagged 'teeth' of the mask rarely breaks even when he's speaking, as it only tends to when he screams. The mask has two red stripes that run along the left side from top to bottom. His skin is a creamy white colour, similar to people like Grimmjow. His most unique feature is his spiked blood red hair. When he was human his hair was a charcoal black, but upon his death his soul seemed to soak up the blood that came from his fatal wound, which became permanent when he became an Arrancar. The wound itself has become a scar in the shape of an 'x'. However, one of the corners has extended from his chest all the way to his right hip, presumably stretched from his time as a Demented Gillian.

His uniform is a blend of Ulquiorra's and Starrk's, as it has the basic design of Ulquiorra's outfit but the practically of Starrk's, which exposes much of his neck and chest.  He also wears white gloves. He wears his zanpackuto over his left side through his sash, similar to the male Espada. Xenethis has no evident Hollow Hole on his body. Two explanations for this are that his Hollow Hole is inside him somewhere, or that he doesn't possess one at all. His most unique feature is when he is in the cose prescence of Harribel. It still remains a mystery as to why, but each other's touch causes their masks to break apart, without causing their deaths. Instead, it simply reveals their human faces. For Xenethis, it reveals the face of a young man in his very early twenties, clean shaven, and with shimmering yellow eyes. This only occurs between Xenethis and Harribel, as his touch does not affect the masks of other Arrancars.

Historical Information

Born: 1879

Location: London

Age At Death: 9 (1882)

Death: Murdered


Born into the diseased streets of London during the 19th century, an orphan with no name, this chid tasted hostility and death from the moment he came into the world. Either by the hand of fate or impossible luck, the child managed to survive alone in the grisly city to the age of nine, becoming a malnourished and bitter thief. The cruel life he had learned to live with was ultimately shattered when he came across a small shard of unknown material in one of the many dirty streets. The shard began to glow violently, and led the boy down the dark alleyways of London. The shard eventually led the boy to a shadowy area of the city, where he was witness to the murder of a prostitute by the hands of a swordsman. This swordsman would be come to be known as Jack the Ripper to the World of the Living, but in truth this was another façade to hide a much more sinister identity. The swordsman, a former Shinigami Captain by the name of Augustus Sohn Von Keiner (formally Saburo Kiyomizu), approached the boy after retrieving a similar shard that had been in the prostitute's possession. The boy was killed, his shard stolen, and left to bleed to death.

The child's soul was dragged into Hueco Mundo by low level Hollows in search of food. It can be theorised that the intense reaitsu of the shards attracted the Hollows, and mistook the child's soul for the source, and so brought him back to Hueco Mundo in order to feast on it. Regardless, the result remained the same. The child's soul-chain had been severed, and so started to convert to a Hollow. However, his transformation was far different from other Hollows, and he soon became a Menos Grande (Gillian) almost immediately. Slaying and devouring all Hollows around him, he lost himself to his hunger and began to prowl Hueco Mundo in search of victims.

A century later, the Gillian had devoured thousands of Hollows, but was not able to ascend to the next level. He instead became a twisted version of a Menos Grande that later became known as a "Demented Gillian". Its mask was deformed, had a large body that consisted of various purple veins, long reaching claws, and had basic animal intelligence. When its appetite could no longer be satisfied with mere ordinary Hollows, it turned its fury to Los Noches.

He attacked the palace head on, devouring and killing many Arrancars that tried to defend it. However, as fate would have it the Tercera Espada, Tia Harribel, was on the nearby balcony at the time, and managed to crack the mask of the Gillian with very little effort. As a result, the Gillian's life began to rapidly fade, and Harribel prepared to deal the finishing blow. However, she was stopped by Aizen, who saw an opportunity to create a new soldier. Using the Hogyoku, the Demented Gillian soon converted into a heavily scarred and surprisingly masked Arrancar. As a safety precaution, the newly formed Arrancar was thrown into the prison of Los Noches. Several days later, the Arrancar was thrown into "The Pit", a large crater filled with lower levels Hollows that were possible candidates for Arrancar. Promised power if the nameless Arrancar was killed, they all swarmed and tried to devour him, but were ultimately cut down. Wishing to further test his strength, the Privarron Espada were sent to deal with him. But upon the materialization of his zanpackuto, were bested. Aizen, greatly impressed by this, asked for his name. To this he responded: Xenethis Chimera.

From that point onwards, Xenethis became entangled in a variety of battles from both hostiles outside and within the Arrancar forces. He grew a strong rivalry with Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, an awkward friendship with Gin Ichimaru, and a mentor-student relationship with Coyote Stark. His strengths in all aspects of Arrancar abilities grew over short years, his Ressureccion being the only exception. Outside of of his knowledge it was decided that he would be nominated to become a Fraccion of one of the Espada to become stronger. Aizen surprised everyone with the declaration that he would join Tia Harribel's Fraccion.

Xenethis was instantly unwelcome among their group. Apacci, Mila-Rose and Sung-Sun detesting the fact that a man had joined their party. Harribel simply ignored and belittled him on occasion. This slowly changed throughout their various encounters and battles together. Significant conflicts include a battle royale against the Fraccion of Barragan Louisenbarn, and the clash against the horrifying beast known as Gris Hendidura. The five eventually became closer, frighteningly so on Harribel and Xenethis' part, whose relationship extended beyond master and servant into something more intimate.


Other Trivia

¤ The name Xenethis comes from the Latin name of a type of spider.

¤ He is romantically interested in his master, Tia Harribel.

¤ He has strong ties with Gin Ichimaru, Coyote Stark and Ulquiorra Cifer.

¤ He has a strong rivalry with Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, as well as a hatred of Nnoitra Gilga and Barragan Louisenbarn.

¤ He chooses to keep his power a secret, trying to remain as a Fraccion, though often failing to do so.

¤ Along with Gin Ichimaru and Coyote Stark, Xenethis is part of the "Las Noches Rejects Association". This is basically just the three of them meeting up, drinking and talking about the goings on in Las Noches.

¤ He is masterful with cooking and music, something that is often taken advantage of.

Battle Capacity

Reiatsu: Blood Red

Experience: Naturally gifted. Taught by Ulquiorra and Starrk.

The strongest opponents defeated: Augustus Sohn Von Keiner, Aaron Rosencantz, Nnoitra Jiraga, Grimmjow Jagearjaques,

Xenethis is shown to be an Arrancar of fierce power, shown on many occassions and conflict. From very early on he was shown to be a master of Sonido, which has only improved with time. He is an adept with both Bala and Pesquila, though he rarely tends to use them. His Hierro isn't the strongest, and he can only travel short distances with his Garganta, not much can be said for his hand-to-hand combat skills either. However, his mastery of the sword and Cero are some of the most deadly ever seen in an Arrancar. His sword skills continue to become sharper due to years of practise in the desert of Hueco Mundo, and are on par with some of the higher level Espada. His control over Cero is second to none, and is able to release powerful bursts that can reach long distances and cause a large area of damage. When in his Ressureccion, he is able to use both Gran Rey Cero and Cero Oscuras, techniques limited to only the Espada, further hinting towards that his power is slowly leaking out over time.

Swordplay Master - Perfected sword skills that allows him to cut almost anything, as well as out maneuverer opponents. Combined with speed and reaitsu, makes him a master at swordplay.

Sonido Master - Most experience and power is derived from his speed. Fast enough to leave afterimages. Mastered skill stemmed own unique style known as Roto Sonido.

Cero Expert - Originally quite weak. Training with Ulquiorra as strengthened density and force. Knowledge of this allowed him the use of both Cero Oscuras and Gran Rey Cero.

Reaitsu Expert - Large amount of reaitsu that is able to be concealed and released explosively. Release of reaitsu occurs when angered, resulting in powerful shockwaves.

Strength: 7/10

Endurance: 5/10

Speed: 10/10

Agility: 8/10

Intelligence: 7/10

Spiritual Power: 9/10

Zanpakuto Information

Name: Cabellero Abismo (Abyss Knight)

Appearance: A katana with a pitch-black blade and white handle. Guard is circular, dark in colour, with three crescent shaped holes indented into it.

Escalata Sinfornia (Scarlet Symphony): Signature technique that only grows n strength the more Xenethis evolves in power. Similar in appearance to the techniques used by Ichigo Kurosaki and Kisuke Urahara. Creates a crimson wave energy that cuts and vaporizes on contact.

Roto Sonido No. 1: Sombra Caída (Broken Sound No. 1: Fallen Shadow): Combines a single long-distance sonido step with a quick draw of the zanpackuto while shrouded in the energy of Escalata Sinfornia, resulting in a single but deep swipe.

Roto Sonido No. 2: Blanco Espejo (Broken Sound No. 2: White Mirror): A technique used to avoid fatal strikes. Creates miniature sonido steps while remaining still in order to create a mirror-image that takes the strike in place of an enemy.

Roto Sonido No. 3: Araña Roja (Broken Sound No. 3: Red Spider): Makes precise strikes on the enemy while remaining in close proximity as possible to the enemy. Escalata Sinfornia surrounds the blade to distract and double the damage.

Roto Sonido No. 4: Pálido Sol (Broken Sound No. 4: Pale Sun): Creates a "flash-bang" effect by overloading the zanpackuto with the reaitsu of Escalata Sinforina. This creates a soundless and sightless void that allows a single yet deadly strike.

Roto Sonido No. 5: Carmesí Luna (Broken Sound No. 5: Crimson Moon): Uses the maximum speed of Sonido to create as many "steps" as possible, resulting in several after-images of the user. While surrounding the opponent, several miniature but condensed Eslcalata Sinfornia are released from all angles.


Release: Fade To Black

Appearance: While in his release mode, he gains thin plated black armour over the majority of his body. Along his arms the armour is quite close to the skin. The hands become claws with white tips on the nails. The left shoulder guard has three long curved blades protruding from it. The mask's design also changes, as there is a large red 'x' shape pattern running across the top half, while the bottom half remains unchanged. His hair also grows to exceedingly long lengths, falling to the upper half of his back. His scar is also visible, as it takes the form of a glowing red 'x' indent on the armour. There is also a blazing crimson wing that sprouts from his right shoulder formed form reaitsu that can be dispelled at any time. Xenethis is far more aggressive in this form, and doesn't show mercy to anyone. The strength of this form is on par with Nnoitra's Ressureccion.

Gran Ray Cero (Great King's Hollow Flash): A far more powerful version of the original Cero. Unlike Grimmjow's attack, it is a blend of both red and blue in colour, and has four reiatsu tendrils that branch out.

Cero Oscuras (Dark Hollow Flash): The most powerful form that a Cero can reach. Unlike Ulquiorra's attack, there is no green outline around the edge.

Ressureccion: Segunda Etapa

Appearance: This form was reached after Xenethis' full power is released due to the breaking ofthe spiritual binding put in place by Keiner. The red pattern on his mask shifts one again to descend from both his eyes.H beomes much thinner in this form, almost skeletal. The armour from his Ressureccion is diided into black and white sections which vary along each of his ligaments. He gains two horns and a tail which further soldify his image of a demon. He now possesses two wings that have a mechanical appereance. The frames of these wings can be manipulated with a thought, allowing them to take the form of multiple weapons such as spikes and chains. His zanpakuto taks the appereance of a crimson blade which can change its reach and density depending on the amount of reaitsu that is poured into it.  The strength of this form is on par with Ulquiorra Cifer's Segunda Etapa.

Bermellón Rapsodia (Vermilion Rhapsody): A far more deadly version of the Escarlata Sinfornia, the intensity of which can be altered depending on the level of destruction required.

Cero Oscuras Instantáneo (Instantaneous Dark Hollow Flash):  Releases multiple Cero Oscuras simultaneously.

Verdadero Rey Cero (True King's Hollow Flash): A unique Cero that can only be used by Xenethis. It's blinding white in colour with a black nucleus inside, which expands into black rings when released. It is ten times stronger that Cero Oscuras, and the equivalent of 100 Gran Rey Ceros.


From This Darkness - Seven Deadly

Not Strong Enough - Apocalyptia Feat. Brent Smith

A Voice In The Dark - Blind Guardian

Calling To The Night - Natasha Farrow
Here's my OC Sheet of my Arrancar Character: Xenethis Chimera.

The Arrancar concept belongs to :icontitekuboplz:

Xenethis Chimera belongs to :iconxprodigy:
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