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Name:  Caitlyn Cozzo

Alias: The Tempest, Sword of the Sea

True Age: 200

Visual Age: 30

Gender: Female

Status: Active

Squad (Former): Squad 6

Rank (Former): Captain

Other Groups: None


Ambition: To preserve the memory of Byakuya Kuchiki

Hobbies: Devotion, training.

Dislikes: Disrespect, cruelty

Among the new set of Captains that serve as the highest military force of the Soul Society, the most notably calm and compassionate by reputation is Caitlyn Cozzo. While still incredibly strict and expecting of her squad, she in no way subjects them to harsh punishments or shows any sign of cruelty towards those under her charge, or to the majority in general.

Though her appearance can be slightly off putting, especially with her eye-patch, she is a kind and somewhat gentle, which is a rarity among Captains ever since the conclusion of the Violent Fires Rebellion and the restabilising of government in Soul Society.

She consults and teaches fairly, even personally educates certain members of her squad that are falling behind. She is respected by her underlings for her compassion and by her fellow Captains because of her immense strength. She has often interfered and stood up to the more violent among them, and has the power behind her authority. As a result, she has garnered loathing from the more twisted Captains.

However, she also has a darker side to her, much like the rest of them.  When completely isolated, she punished and harms herself before a personal shrine of Byakuya Kuchiki, showing that she has something of a mild obsession over him, but is able to recognise it and so punishes herself as a result.

She is also shown to have zero tolerance for sexism. Even openly contradicting the  Head Captain in some instances. Some of these cases have brought into question her sexuality, especially around her lieutenant.

It has been noted that her emotions and personality are taken to an extreme level when her Bankai has been activated, and purity becomes all she thinks about, obsessing over it to a point. Perhaps Byakuya's death was a catalyst into moulding it into that fashion.

Physical Information

Hair Color: Blue

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: White

Hand: Right

Height: 5'9

Weight: 10 Stone


A woman of fine age and wisdom, she does not lack appeal in any regard, but makes sure that her authority comes first and tries to dampen her attractiveness. She is easily recognisable with her long raven-blue hair, and (as much as she detest it) her ample chest. She is considered one of the most beautiful women in Soul Society despite her bet efforts to hide it.

Her most recognisable feature is the eye patch she wears, used to cover the eye she lost during the Violent Fires Rebellion. It has the kanji symbol of purity written on it, though no one truly understands why she wears it when she could easily have a false eye implanted.

Historical Information

Born: 1095

Location: Italy

Age at Death: 30

Death:  Spear Wound
Born into a world where women were simply tools and easily replaceable, Caitlyn managed to sneak into one of the many battalions that were taking part in the religious crusades to reclaim Jerusalem. Disguised and trained as a knight, she took part in many fights, killing many and shared in many victories. However, hesitation to take part in the pillaging of a village ended with her being speared through the gut, leading to her untimely death.

Soul Society proved to be very kind to her, as her exceptional control over reaitsu from a young age paved the way for her to enter the esteemed Cozzo Family. Over the years her strength grew and managed to settle nicely as the 3rd Seat of the 6th Division. From that point on she always found herself drawn to the silent and disciplined nature of Byakuya Kuchiki. The years of service to him eventually formed something resembling love, only she wished to never compromise his decisions or his personality and so watched from afar.
However, she noticed a change for the worse in him after his adopted sister, Rukia Kuchiki, entered his life, and especially after her rescue. Her perfect image of Byakuya was broken by her, and a deep rage grew towards the young reaper, even though it was blatant jealously.

She was recruited by Azazel Monroe to become one of his generals by means still obscure. One can assume it was under the assumption that Byakuya Kuchiki would be spared and Rukia Kuchiki would not be. Partaking in the Violent Fire Rebellion, she was responsible for slaying many of her fellow squad members, even coming into conflict with Rukia Kuchiki. As a result, she lost an eye, and could do nothing to stop Byakuya Kuchiki falling in battle.
When the battleground was cleared and the new regime was established, she immediately assumed control of the 6th Division and enforced the laws and teachings that she had learnt from her former Captain.


Other Trivia

¤ She has a secret compartment in her barracks for her shrine to Byakuya Kuchiki.

¤ She constantly ignores the pleas or sometimes intentionally mentally crushes the captive Rukia Kuchiki.

¤ She always volunteers to take tours of the World of the Living.

¤ She may or may not have a sexual relationship with her lieutenant, Mar Reina.

¤ She adores the colour blue

¤ She despises sexists and corruption of any kind.


Battle Capacity

Reiatsu: Blue

Experience: Expert swordsmanship and mastery of Kido.

The strongest opponents defeated: Rukia Kuchiki, Izuru Kira, R?j?r? ?toribashi

Swordplay Master - Practised the way of the sword to the point that can even outfight the strongest of opponents.

Shunpo Expert - Speed and grace come naturally to her, easily able to out manoeuvre the majority of attackers.

Kido Master - Easily able to chain Kido together. Alteration to her body allows several high class techniques to be used in succession without fatigue or drawback.

Hakuda Expert - Able to successfully use hand to hand combat effectively to disarm most opponents.

Strength: High

Endurance: Moderate

Speed: High

Agility: High

Intelligence: High

Spiritual Power: High

Zanpakuto Information

Name: Sugisatta Shio (Tides Gone By)


Command: Submerge

Shikai -

Appearance: Takes the form of a broadsword with a cerulean colour blade and a moss green edge running down the centre. It has the ability to become pure water and even manipulate the water around it, making it a very powerful tool that can change the surroundings.

?b?fur? (Overflow): A torrent of water that fills the surrounding area, allowing instant tracking of enemies

Doshaburi (Downpour): A rainstorm occurs, the droplets able to change their density at will

Arainagasu (Wash Away): Able to change the water flow of the area in a single direction, zooming in and crushing the opponent

Bankai -

Name: Sugisari Wasurejio (Forgotten Tides Gone By)

Appearance: Turns the user into a being of pure water. While this form severely weakens the user's endurance and speed, it allows total manipulation of all water surrounding it. Able to take on various forms for defensive and offensive purposes.

Jundo No Yoroi (Purity Armour): Chainmail and plate that coat the user's weakened body for added defence

Dekishi Shita Ken (Drowned Sword): A blade of water that can switch its size and properties between contaminated, pure and crystal

Umi Sogeki (Sea Sniper): Summons several spears formed of water that lash at the opponent

Umi No Hinba (Sea Mare): Creates a mare out of dense water. Able to offer protection, attack enemies and be ridden for quick getaways

Umihebi (Sea Serpent): Take on the form of a giant serpent formed of dense water. Incredibly powerful and nearly unbeatable defence

Setsudan Hikisaku (Cutting Tear): A thin burst of water that easily tears through opponents


Lost Heaven by Black Label Society

Rain Wizard by Black Stone Cherry
My OC Shinigami; Caitlyn Cozzo, Captain of the 6th Division
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