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March 5, 2012
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Name: Augustus Sohn Von Keiner

Alias: Saburo Kiyomizu, Augustus Herrmann, Crow King

True Age: 540

Visual Age: 35

Gender: Male

Status: Active

Squad (Former): Squad 5

Rank (Former): Captain

Other Groups: Orbis Signifer


Ambition: To purify and 'save' the Soul Society

Hobbies: Classic Art, Classic Literature, Fine Wine, Classical Music, Sexual Intercourse

Dislikes: The corruption of Soul Society officials, disobedience, weakness.  

It could be said that Keiner has been three different people over the course of his life, each with their own distinctive personality. Augustus Herrmann was a liar, and had a frail and weak heart (he was willing to have his whole family killed to escape the wrath of the Reformation when he was human). This ended in his untimely death, and it took many years of loneliness and poverty for his personality to change dramatically.

During his time in Soul Society he went through a period of enlightenment, and over time became a strong minded, strong willed and very kind individual. Many of these were gained through his time in the poorer districts of Soul Society, and gave him great humility, which served him well even before he became a Shingami. During his time as a Captain, he was noted not overly for his overwhelming power, but for his kindness to his subordinates, in such a way that it was not considered weak. He still ran his squad with an iron fist, tending to make examples of those who showed outward disobedience. He seemed to have a caring nature to each of his squad members, treated his fellow Captains with appropriate degrees of respect, and even joked around once in a while with his comrades in arms. At the centre of this was a man who was very wise and held a strong belief in his own philosophy on the afterlife, which guided his actions as a Shinigami and as a Captain.

This of course had a darker side to it, as he believed that certain sins were acceptable by those who could recognise their dark qualities. As a result, he often engaged in nightly lovemaking sessions with female members of his own or even other squads. While he was also a social drinker on occasion, he only ever got drunk alone to vent his anger at the higher chain of command.

As Augustus Sohn Von Keiner, the best and worst qualities of his two previous lives have blended together to create something completely new. He regards himself to be a transcended being, mentally and metaphorically. He no longer has to hide under a façade, and can now has the means and power to accomplish his goal, which means he is no longer scared to hide his opinions, extent of his power or true philosophy from anyone. He now treats all weakness and disobedience as a punishment worthy of death, his lusts now openly extends to the female members of his own organisation and so makes a small harem that he shows no shame over. Even extending to smaller aspects of his previous routine, and is now an avid drinker, but never gets drunk. It could be said he has something of a god complex, but he states it's more of a "saviour's complex". He is deathly passionate about his goal, and sees no sacrifice as too great in order to reach it.

Physical Information

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Green

Skin Color: White

Hand: Ambidextrous

Height: 6 foot

Weight: 12st


Considered to be very desirable by his former female colleagues, Keiner's apperence is that of a very handsome yet imposing middle-aged man, despite his old age in comparison to other Captains. His has long black hair, silky hair that reaches to his lower back, as well as jade green eyes while were often considered his trade-mark appeal. He wore his uniform and zanpakuto in the standard fashion, partly for comfort and partly to blend in, as he didn't want to attract the slightest bit of attention due his escapades in Hueco Mundo and questionable research on the Arashi Shiru. His appearance significantly alters during his zanpakuto's second release, in the smaller aspects as well as the unsightly transformation of his sword. His entire demeanour becoming much more hostile and obviously bloodthirsty is one such example, not to mention the hollowfied features of his appearance on release.

Historical Information

Born: 1536

Location:  Munich, Germany

Age at Death: 29 (1555)

Death: Murdered


Born into a noble family in the heart of Germany, Augustus Herrmann was a rich man of business who prospered during the late 1500's. However, due to certain deals and collaborations with people of a certain faith, he was slain during the time of the Reformation. As a result, his soul was sent to the Soul Society where he would spend the next ten years experiencing the poverty of the poorer districts. This was a time of reflection for him, as the harshness of the living conditions and the frequent attacks by Hollows made him a keen survivor, and also showed the first signs of his great capability of controlling reaitsu.

After mastering it to a certain degree, he managed to make his way into the Sereitei and joined the academy of Shinigami, where he took on the name of Saburo Kiyomizu. He appeared to be something of a prodigy, as his intellect and mastery of all forms of combat and kido grew steadily over time. It only took him two years for him to acquire the name of his zanpakuto and join a squad, where he was made the 6th seat of Squad 5. In the space of a century he became Lieutenant of the division. Growing to love the afterlife as well as his position, he had found some form of peace and was very satisfied to spend eternity guarding and protecting it. Eager to watch those under his chain of command grow to become stronger.

His view of the afterlife was ultimately crushed when he discovered that his Captain was in league with a group of noble houses, which were extremely prejudiced against the lower classes. They were secretly abducting groups from various districts and feeding them to Hollows. Kiyomizu came across this and was shocked to the core. He saw his Captain's prejudice and actions as a disease that had been rotting his precious Soul Society, and in vicious rage he fought against him. This ended in his triggering Bankai, decimating his Captain as well as the noblemen; even the hostages and Hollows didn't survive the onslaught.

As a result of this, Kiyomizu became the new Captain of Squad 5, and over the next few centuries became a figure that was respected highly in Soul Society. But that night had changed him, he now saw corruption in the higher chains of command, and it sickened him. He began plotting how to cleanse Soul Society of its rotten government. His original plan was to use his Bankai to kill to Head Captain and then divert the blame, as he had managed to keep his second release's true appearance and properties a secret. This plan changed when he discovered secret records on an object known as the Arashi Shiru, which was a prototype device that would eventually lead to the Hogyoku. It had been shattered into fragments and cast into the World of the Living by his former Captain in a blind rage after it had failed several tests, most ending in death.

With a means to now carry out his ambition of saving Soul Society from the corrupt, Kiyomizu faked his own death and headed into the human world in order to gather the fragments. He returned to his human roots in Germany, setting up his base of operations in Hohenzollern Castle. He assumed the name of Augustus Sohn Von Keiner and slowly began to create an army of his own, using the Arashi Shiru to force humans through Hollowfication and Shinigamification simultaneously in order to create a new breed of Arrancar. He has created vicious monsters through this process by directly affecting Hollows, the two strongest being Mevaru and Devaru. A group that resemble the Espada, known as the Die Krähen, and their personal subordinates called Die Jäger. He is now ready to lead an assault against the Soul Society and Las Noches.  

Other Trivia

¤ During his time as Captain, his lieutenant was none other than Shinji Hirako

¤ He had good relations with Shunsui Kyoraku and Jushiro Ukitake

¤ He is an expert at playing the piano, and only drinks red wine

¤ He has four lovers now, all of them from the Die Krähen

¤ He is quite adept with alchemy, especially with the making of poisons

¤ He sees Xenethis as a possible threat due to his contact with the Arashi Shiru

Battle Capacity

Reiatsu: Green (Becomes Black/Brown during Bankai)

Experience: 500 years of combating the strongest Captains that Soul Society has to offer.

The strongest opponents defeated: Genryusai Yamamoto, Shunsui Kyoraku, Jushiro Ukitake,
Shinji Hirako.

Swordplay Master – His sword skills have been sharpened over a variety of centuries,  frequent battles with the strongest Shinigami have made him a veteran on the battlefield

Shunpo Expert – Training in the Menos Forest unarmed has greatly increased his speed.

Kido Master – Studied and trained hard in order to learn ever single Kido technique that was ever created. Often prefers it to physical bouts.

Hakuda Expert – Various brawls and unarmed combat with hollows have made him an expert in hand to hand combat.

Strength: 8/10

Endurance: 7/10

Speed: 9/10

Agility: 7/10

Intelligence: 9/10

Spiritual Power: 10/10

Zanpakuto Information

Name: Ryūketsu no Rūtsu (Bloody Roots)

Appearance: In its sealed state, it takes the form of an average katana with a red and gold hilt, shimmering silver blade and black scabbard.

Command: Encompass

Shikai -

Appearance: Takes the form of a jagged black with various metallic thorns sprouting from the base. The blade itself is gold and has a purple tassel along the end of the hilt. Its shape demands close combat, but its abilities allow for long range attacks as well.

Rūto Shokushu (Root Tendrils): The signature technique of the zanpakuto, basic yet effective. Creates several roots formed of reaitsu, which can be used to impale, constrict or shred an opponent.

Akuma no Rūto Shokushu (Devil Root Tendrils): Creates black roots from his sword or palms that are harder and sharper than steel. These roots are smaller in size but can pierce through most matter at close range.

Dai Kiga no Rūto (Root of Great Hunger): Summons several large sentient roots, each with razor fangs (he deceived Soul Society into thinking this was his Bankai originally)

Bankai –

Name: Sekai Sōzō no Rūtsu (World Creation of Roots)

Appearance: The zanpakuto consumes the arm of the user, becoming a large blade blended with demonic reaitsu as well as wooden aspects. The blade is curved and so can reach for a far distance during combat. It extends to the rest of the body to create a second layer of armour, creating an almost hollowfied appearance.

Kurai Senran no Rūto (Root of Dark Strife): Creates a single giant root that is the size of a Gillian, able to spawn hundreds of smaller fanged roots inside its mouth.

Kami Tsurī no Keisan (Reckoning of the God Tree): Imprisons the enemy inside a giant tree filled with intense reiatsu. It drains the enemy of life before detonating in a huge blaze of reatisu.

Arashi Shiru: Stage One - Chrysalis

Information: Once fused with the incomplete Hogyoku, Keiner undergoes a transformation that ascends him to a form beyond his Bankai. In this form his is covered in in a burgundy substance similar to wood, though far more flexible. A crown of thrones is perched around his head He no longer uses his zanpackuto; rather he uses blades made purely of the reaitsu produces by Arashi Shīru. His Kido benefits most from this form, granting him both offensive and defensive abilities that cannot be broken even by high level Kido.

Schwert Des Nirvana (Sword of Nirvana): Summons a blade of light that appears to be astral in form, but is incredibly dense, and does not have to be gripped to be controlled.

Verteidigen – Himmels Letzte Mauer (Defence - Heaven's Final Wall): Creates a shimmering wall that acts as the perfect defence to all Kido based attacks.

Verteidigen – Kette der Verlorenen Seelen (Defence - Chain of Lost Souls): Summons a sentient chain that scorches as well as pins down opponents.

Verteidigen –  Schatten von Tausend Pfeilen (Defence - Shade of a Thousand Arrows): An armada of pitch black spears that impale and drain the user of all reaitsu, leaving barely alive and pinned to the spot.

Angreifen – Sternenlicht Gestirn (Attack - Starlight Orb): Summons an emerald orb that unleashes a   blast similar to a cero, though much more potent.

Angreifen – Tanz der Kugeln Sternenlicht (Attack - Dance of the Starlight Orbs): Summons a multitude of orbs that can release multiple blasts at once.

Angreifen – Schwarz Vergessenheit (Attack - Black Oblivion): Creates a tower of pitch black reaitsu, which instantly infects and tears apart all of the reaitsu inside of an opponent, draining their lifeforce

Arashi Shiru: Stage One - Evolved

Information: After the Chrysalis stage is forcibly broken or receives to heavy damage, Keiner loses control of the Arashi Shiru, and it mutates him into a mutated creature that bleeds out insanely power reaitsu, but is simply uncontrollable. It takes the appearance of a of monster with several spiked tendrils for limbs that tear out from the previous host body, as well as a long, boneless neck with a horrifyingly distorted face, the Arashi Shiru now taking the form of a bleeding eye located in the mouth. Keiner's original body is located somewhere amongst the mass of revolting spiked flesh, nothing more than a bitter soul.

Zerstörung des Geistes:  Aasfresser Fest (Destruction of the Mind: Scavenger's Feast): Causes mass distortion of the senses, leading to many outsiders being drained of their reaitsu.

Zerstörung des Geistes: Herr Alptraum (Destruction of the Mind: Nightmare Lord): Unleashes a blinding wave of reaitsu that cover's a large area, placing horrific fears within the mind of the opponent, often leading to self-harm.

Zerstörung des Körpers: Völlige Katastrophe (Utter Calamity): An insanely powerful technique, unleashing a killing wave of reaitsu.

Zerstörung des Körpers: Reich Rot (Kingdom of Rot): Creates a pyramid of spikes and razor, fleshy roots, meant to completely tear apart an opponent.
My Bleach Shinigami OC: Augustus Sohn Von Keiner

He is the antagonist in my Bleach Fanfic: Scarlet Symphony

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