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Gotei 13

1st Division -
Captain: Aya Ryuunsuke
Lieutenant: Hoshiko Koizumi
Aya Ryuunsuke: The Hellfire Flower by XProdigy Hoshiko Koizumi: The Angel of Bone by XProdigy

2nd Division -
Captain: Yuzuki Tsukino
Lieutenant: Ichiro Yamada
Yuzuki Tsukino: The Moon's Shadow by XProdigy

3rd Division -
Captain: Sora Honda
Lieutenant: Osamu Saito
Sora Honda: The Lightning Bolt by XProdigy Osamu Saito: Twin Blade by XProdigy

4th Division -
Captain: Naoko Wakahisa
Lieutenant: Ran Matsushita
Naoko Wakahisa: The Prodigal Physician by XProdigy

5th Division -
Captain: Kohaku Matsuoka
Lieutenant: Hakari Hankon Tēru
Kohaku Matsuoka: The Blood Ritual by XProdigy

6th Division -
Captain: Riko Akenomyōsei
Lieutenant: Kiku Nakahara
Riko Akenomyosei: The Radiance by XProdigy

7th Division -
Captain: Yasu Nishimura
Lieutenant: Takara Suzuki
Yasu Nishimura: The Rainbow Blade by XProdigy Takara Suzuki: Knife Wielder by XProdigy

8th Division -
Captain: Midori Hashimoto
Lieutenant: Masami Densenbyo
Midori Hashimoto: The Peaceful One by XProdigy

9th Division -
Captain: Jiro Koizumi
Lieutenant: Iwa Bokumetsu
Jiro Koizumi: The Skeletal Emperor by XProdigy

10th Division -
Captain: Tsubasa Jouda
Lieutenant: Shiori Tachibana
Tsubasa Jouda: The Hornet's Nest by XProdigy

11th Division -
Captain: Susumu Oshiro
Lieutenant: Aoi Katsuryoku
Susumu Oshiro: The Void Prophet by XProdigy

12th Division -
Captain: Umeko Yamaguchi
Lieutenant: Hideyoshi Ueda
Umeko Yamaguchi: The Ghost Among Ghosts by XProdigy

13th Division -
Captain: Gurumarra Dja Dja Wurrung
Lieutenant: Daisuke Hisakawa
Gurumarra Dja Dja Wurrung: The Public Enemy by XProdigy


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Revisiting my all time favorite video game series of all time and I keep finding new stuff to love about it! Whether its the soundtrack, the armor, the writing, the storyline or the characters!

So many amazing characters in this game with some of the best relationships I have ever seen in any media form, ever! While you basically play a badass version of yourself thanks to the extensive dialogue trees, its the side characters that really make the game for me.

Well, if I'm being honest, two.

Tali'Zorah Vas Normandy and Garrus Vakarian are two of the best characters ever made. As romance options they provide heartwarming, heartbreaking and just plain hilarious moments together! They are are also equally good when you play as the opposite gender and they became closer than any friend.

Don't get me wrong, characters like Thane (also a very good romance option for you FemSheps!) Legion, Joker and Anderson were brilliant in their own right, but for me there will never be a better alien bro than Garrus (I will meet you at the bar!) and a better love interest that Tali (Keelah se'lai)

Also, if you are new to this franchise and are making your way through the trilogy, take these tiny hints of advice.

. As for as armor goes, get yourself the Blood Dragon Armor. Nothing exceeds it in badassery.
. If you want to go out of your way to get DLC, get the Extended Cut and Citadel DLC for Mass Effect 3 for a more fulfilling experience. The former offers a much more pleasing ending to the game, while the other is just brilliant in setting up the finale's sombre tone. Plus it pulls no punches while really showing you how great these characters are and how beautiful the relationships can be
. Play it through twice, one for Garrus and one for Tali.
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United Kingdom
Your average British-Art-Loving-Student, here to put his own little stamp on DA.


Cero: Leon Elizondo
Cero: Leon Elizondo by XProdigy Leon Elizondo: Jupiter by XProdigy

Primera: Brinza Abascal
Primera: Brinza Abascul by XProdigy Brinza Abascul: Nemesis by XProdigy

Segunda: Santiago Del Bosque
Segunda: Santiago Del Bosque by XProdigy Santiago Del Bosque: Orcus by XProdigy

Tercera: Florentina Ramos
Tercera: Florentina Ramos by XProdigy Florentina Ramos: Summanus by XProdigy

Cuarto: Pastora Villalobos
Cuarto: Pastora Villalobos by XProdigy Pastora Villalobos: Lupercus by XProdigy

Quinto: Mono Belmonte
Quinto: Mono Belmonte by XProdigy Mono Belmonte: Poena by XProdigy

Sexta: Heliodoro Salazar
Sexta: Heliodoro Salazar by XProdigy Heliodoro Salazar: Sol Invictus by XProdigy

Septima: Esperanza Campo
Septima: Esperanza Campo by XProdigy Esperanza Campo: Pax by XProdigy

Octavo: Cascara Langosta
Octavo: Cascara Langosta by XProdigy Cascara Langosta Resurreccion by blazewb

Noveno: Olegario Castillion</i>
Noveno: Olegario Castillion by XProdigy Olegario Castillion: Mars by XProdigy

Espada Pairings

Leon x Nitsuka :iconjusace:

Gotei 13 Captain Pairings

Aya x Asura :iconoggo171:

Sora x Hakuno :iconive-been-degaussed:

Kohaku x Kumo :iconoggo171:

Tsubasa x Shishiku :iconstrider-of-twilight:

Susumu x Jinai :iconstrider-of-twilight:

Gotei 13 Lieutenant Pairings

Iwa x Kana :iconoggo171:

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