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B: Captain-Commander, Aya Ryuunosuke by ShadowHachia B: First Lieutenant, Hoshiko Koizumi by ShadowHachia

B: Second Captain, Yuzuki Tsukino by ShadowHachia B: Second Lieutenant, Ichiro Yamada by ShadowHachia

B: Third Captain, Sora Honda by ShadowHachia B: Third Lieutenant, Osamu Saito by ShadowHachia

B: Fourth Captain, Naoko Wakahisa by ShadowHachia B: Fourth Lieutenant, Ran Matsushita by ShadowHachia

B: Fifth Captain, Kohaku Matsuoka by ShadowHachia B: Fifth Lieutenant, Hakari Hankon Teru by ShadowHachia

B: Sixth Captain, Riko Akenomyosei by ShadowHachia B: Sixth Lieutenant, Kiku Nakahara by ShadowHachia

B: Seventh Captain, Yasu Nishimura by ShadowHachia B: Seventh Lieutenant, Takara Suzuki by ShadowHachia

B: Eighth Captain, Midori Hashimoto by ShadowHachia B: Eighth Lieutenant, Masami Densenbyo by ShadowHachia

B: Ninth Captain, Jiro Koizumi by ShadowHachia B: Ninth Lieutenant, Iwa Bokumetsu by ShadowHachia

B: Tenth Captain, Tsubasa Jouda by ShadowHachia B: Tenth Lieutenant, Shiori Tachibana by ShadowHachia

B: Eleventh Captain, Susumu Oshiro by ShadowHachia B: Eleventh Lieutenant, Aoi Katsuryoku by ShadowHachia

B: Twelfth Captain, Umeko Yamaguchi by ShadowHachia B: Twelfth Lieutenant, Hideyoshi Ueda by ShadowHachia

B: Thirteenth Captain, Gurumarra Dja Dja Wurrung by ShadowHachia B: Thirteenth Lieutenant, Daisuke Hisakawa by ShadowHachia

B: Cero Espada, Leon Elizondo by ShadowHachia B: Primera Espada, Brinza Abascul by ShadowHachia

B: Segunda Espada, Santiago del Bosque by ShadowHachia B: Tres Espada, Florentina Ramos by ShadowHachia

B: Cuatro Espada, Pastora Villalobos by ShadowHachia B: Quinto Espada, Mono Belmonte by ShadowHachia

B: Sexta Espada, Heliodoro Salazar by ShadowHachia B: Septima Espada, Esperanza Campo by ShadowHachia

B: Octava Espada, Cascara Langosta by ShadowHachia B: Noveno Espada, Olegario Castillion by ShadowHachia

Crossover Pairings

Aya x Senaka :iconnexusyuber:

Sora x Hakuno :iconive-been-degaussed:

Kohaku x Kumo :iconoggo171:

Tsubasa x Shishiku :iconstrider-of-twilight:

Susumu x Jinai :iconstrider-of-twilight:

Aoi x Fuyusame :iconwhiteaerios:


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Just a shout out to all the great creators of alternate universe centered around the Bleach fandom, which in some cases even betters Kubo! These are personal choices and in no particular order, just the ones with the richest characters and lore.

Like a lot of others he is slowly creating a cast of characters, however with each new addition his AU becomes that much tighter, offering a diverse range of believable characters

A newcomer to the world of Bleach AUs, but all her characters have a lot of potential especially when it comes to her Espada. Her page could use a lot of support as I have no doubt it will explode when her roster is complete

The man has a tone of ideas I only wish I could have thought up! Plus he is a frequent updater and is always looking to perfect his works. If you are after an interesting Gotei 13 look no further

I've only recently discovered this particular creator and his universe, but there is a lot to love here, and well as the amalgamation of a lot of different artists' inputs. A man after my own heart. Definitely worth checking out

His character roster isn't even halfway near completion and already he's got some of the best Bleach OCs out there. Honestly a little scared of what the full bunch will look like, but I do know they are going to leave a huge impact on the community

If ever I need a critic, this is the man I come to. I take his word seriously because he's got a set of high caliber characters to show for it. His profiles are detailed as all hell, giving his characters a rich history which only cements how strong this AU is.

I would say legendary is the best way to describe this man's Bleach Universe. Characters so varied, detailed and rich with lore that I'd rather read a manga about them any day of the week. You'll find Shinigami, Arrancar and Humans that will become personal favorites in no time. If there is a bar in place when making characters, Nexus certainly sets it.

If you are an aspiring creator and need an artist's to help bring your characters to life, be sure to check these guys out - :icongonzalocumini: :iconthe-dark-mia: :iconlarizsantos: :iconev1ct: :icontommo2304: :iconnyriam: :iconneoangeliqueabyss:
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We are a collaboration page between 2 friends, this is where we feature our upcoming manga! If you like warriors, fight scenes, medieval concepts, magic, weapons, school life, some comedy and serious events all at the same time, well this is the right manga for you (not to mention if any of ur friends that might like this, mention it to them as well!) It is NEW therefore we are still in the process up building a fan base! Itll mean the WORLD if you could follow us on here, Tumblr and Salem's personal Instagram(our artist), where she posts her other arts along with our warriors~ 




If you haven't and you'd like to.. you can read our sneek peek manga pages here. Hope you enjoy!…

For direct contact + questions, email us at..
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Ah thank you so much you awesome human for adding me to your watch list! Kokonose Haruka (Cute Happy Smile) [V1] 
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My pleasure, I can't wait to commission you!
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