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B: Captain-Commander, Aya Ryuunosuke by ShadowHachia B: First Lieutenant, Hoshiko Koizumi by ShadowHachia

B: Second Captain, Yuzuki Tsukino by ShadowHachia B: Second Lieutenant, Ichiro Yamada by ShadowHachia

B: Third Captain, Sora Honda by ShadowHachia B: Third Lieutenant, Osamu Saito by ShadowHachia

B: Fourth Captain, Naoko Wakahisa by ShadowHachia B: Fourth Lieutenant, Ran Matsushita by ShadowHachia

B: Fifth Captain, Kohaku Matsuoka by ShadowHachia B: Fifth Lieutenant, Hakari Hankon Teru by ShadowHachia

B: Sixth Captain, Riko Akenomyosei by ShadowHachia B: Sixth Lieutenant, Kiku Nakahara by ShadowHachia

B: Seventh Captain, Yasu Nishimura by ShadowHachia B: Seventh Lieutenant, Takara Suzuki by ShadowHachia

B: Eighth Captain, Midori Hashimoto by ShadowHachia B: Eighth Lieutenant, Masami Densenbyo by ShadowHachia

B: Ninth Captain, Jiro Koizumi by ShadowHachia B: Ninth Lieutenant, Iwa Bokumetsu by ShadowHachia

B: Tenth Captain, Tsubasa Jouda by ShadowHachia B: Tenth Lieutenant, Shiori Tachibana by ShadowHachia

B: Eleventh Captain, Susumu Oshiro by ShadowHachia B: Eleventh Lieutenant, Aoi Katsuryoku by ShadowHachia

B: Twelfth Captain, Umeko Yamaguchi by ShadowHachia B: Twelfth Lieutenant, Hideyoshi Ueda by ShadowHachia

B: Thirteenth Captain, Gurumarra Dja Dja Wurrung by ShadowHachia B: Thirteenth Lieutenant, Daisuke Hisakawa by ShadowHachia

Gotei 13 Captain Pairings

Aya x Senaka :iconnexusyuber:

Sora x Hakuno :iconive-been-degaussed:

Kohaku x Kumo :iconoggo171:

Tsubasa x Shishiku :iconstrider-of-twilight:

Susumu x Jinai :iconstrider-of-twilight:

Aoi x Fuyu :iconwhiteaerios:


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Jan 28, 2015
10:13 pm
Jan 28, 2015
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Jan 28, 2015
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Jan 28, 2015
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Because what is life without music?

You have to name your top five favorite video game original soundtracks, as well as a highlight song that you love.

I tag the following people - :iconnexusyuber: :iconnukid101: :iconstrider-of-twilight: :iconoggo171: :iconive-been-degaussed:

5: Dragon Age: Origins
    Top Five Songs - I Am The One (High Fantasy Version) [link]
                               Dragon Age: Origins [link]
                               Join The Grey Wardens [link]
                               The Party Camp [link]
                               Lelianna's Song [link]

4. Mass Effect 3
    Top Five Songs - I Was Lost Without You [link]
                               I'm Proud Of You [link]
                               A Future For The Krogan [link]
                               Rannoch [link]
                               An End, Once And For All [link]

3. Shadow Of The Colossus
    Top Five Songs - A Despair-Filled Farewell [link]
                               Demise Of The Ritual [link]
                               Prologue [link]
                               A Violent Encounter [link]
                               The Farthest Land [link]

2. Divinity: Dragon Commander
    Top Five Songs - For The Hand Of A Princess [link]
                               Afterburner [link]
                               Bloodmoon [link]
                               March To War [link]
                               The Princess And The Dragon [link]

1. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
    Top Five Songs - Rules Of Nature [link]
                               A Stranger I Remain [link]
                               The Only Thing I Know For Real [link]
                               I'm My Own Master Now [link]
                               The Hot Wind Blowing [link]
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